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Cycling Health

Dinking is essential during long rides, but so is eating.

It is essential to drink fluids during exercise. Failure to hydrate correctly will affect your overall performance, and it may hurt your general health. However, if you drink too much water, you may run the risk of lowering your blood sodium to a dangerously low level. Follow the link below to find out why I love watermelon.


Cycling News

At 91, Cyclist Carl Grove Keeps Setting Records

Carl Grove, a 91-year-old cyclist from Bristol, Indiana, keeps on riding his bicycle and setting records. In a bicycling magazine article, Carl gives four life lessons for staying active. His advice is as follows:

  1. “Be aware of the beauty around you.”
  2. “Hang out with younger people.”
  3. “Just keep peddling.’
  4. “I don’t care what you do, as long as you do something.“