My Weekend Weather Meta-Analysis

The weekend weather for November 9th & 10th in Nelson County will be a chilly 49° on Saturday and warmer on Sunday. Sunday will be our best day for cycling with a high of 60°, sunny, and little chance of precipitation. There will be a significant drop in temperature starting next Tuesday with The high temperature on Wednesday for reaching only 39°. There is also a possibility of a small amount of snow by the following weekend.

Updated November 5th at 9:00 AM.

The forecast correlation for this analysis is excellent at 95%

About My Meta-Analysis

I cross reference 16 weather forecasts, using three different forecasting models, the US model, the European model, and the Canadian model. I then give the highest weight to the estimates that have had the highest accuracy over the last five days. When all of the forecasts are in agreement, I have a high confidence level that my speculation is accurate, and when the predictions disagree my confidence level drops.


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